Friday, June 19, 2009


Why the smile?

Well, besides the fact that Elsa thinks the doctor is cute, the NG tube came out. According to Elsa, it was the best NG tube removal, like, ever.

This is typically when things will move fast towards a quick discharge from the hospital.

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Anonymous said...

Ola Ze, eu acho que o medico e parecido contigo! Beijinhos a Elsa...que lindo sorriso! Clara

fylisfe said...

hehehe "like,ever"? hehehe I thought you didn't use slang Ze. hehehe :D I cant wait to see you Elsa!! I MISS YOU!!

<3 Pipocas

CmmD said...

That is a hottie Dr. too bad i am taken!
i would smile too!

jessie said...

por momentos pensei que o doctor fosses tu, zé :)