Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Surgery Day

It's almost 1:30 pm and I just managed to sit down for some food. I left Elsa at pre-op at around 1:00 pm. She was supposed to have surgery at noon, but things got held up so it was only at noon that she actually made it to the pre-op room.

Everything went as routine. She was a little anxious and tearful. I think mostly because this is all deja vu for her. The doctor's and nurses all came around to meet her and to ask those questions that they ask, over and over again. "What are you having done today? What are you allergic to? What is your birth date? What happens when you take Bactrin? etc." The only relaxation was when the reiki nurse came by. She did a reiki session for some twenty minutes., which left Elsa relaxed and a bit giddy. It only lasted until the anaethesiologist came and then it was back to reality. They finally kicked me out when it was time to place the epidural.

After I turned on my cell phone again, I got a message from Filipa. She was not feeling well and so went to the nurse's office. I called the nurse but Filipa had rested and gone back to her last period class. So now I am worried about Elsa and Filipa.

While I was in the pre-op with Elsa, I took some pictures, which I will try to post later. Elsa also wanted me to get the velcro she brought for the surgeon to place in her belly so that it will be easy to take out any new tumors after this surgery, but I felt it was just one tiny bit far of silly so she ended up not getting the velcro. I am sure I will never hear the end of this, so I am going to have to learn to deal with it.

I am going to finish my lunch now and wait until Filipa gets out of school so that I can call to find out what is going on with her. I think both her and Maya were a bit nervous this morning so hopefully that was all. Then I am going to wait the three hours it usually takes for her to finish her surgery.



tapioca said...

obrigada, Z. por partilhares estes momentos. Como o nosso pensamento tem estado aí ao vosso lado é muito bom "viver" o que se vai passando. Espero que a Pipas II já esteja bem.

Miguel S. said...

Obrigado, Zé!

Anonymous said...

obrigado Zé, mto mesmo por nos manteres informados beijinhos matilde

Anonymous said...

Afinal o que tinha a Pipinha?

Jessie said...

Fui eu que fiz a pergunta acima

Anonymous said...

Obrigada Zé. E afinal o que tinha a Filipa