Friday, June 19, 2009

I just arrived at the hospital. Had to go to work today to take care of some business. It's raining outside, the day is rather dreary, but Elsa is not going along. She is doing great. By the time I got here she had already walked and they had the NG tube still in but unhooked to see if she can tolerate not being with it. Her nausea is much better. She went for a walk with me and I took this picture.

This improvement may be coincidental but she does have a different nurse today. This one actually has a personality and talks to you and tries to find out how you are doing. It's been thirty minutes since I got here and she has already seen Elsa more times than the other one saw her yesterday. I am glad for that. All patients really want is to go home, and Elsa does not really ask for much, so I could not understand the philosophy of the one she had yesterday. I think nurses have a very difficult job and they deserve all the recognition they receive and perhaps even some that is never given them. This makes me think that not everyone should become a nurse. If you are not interested in helping people, you should not become a nurse. Those that violate this and do go into nursing do everyone, themselves and their patients, a great disservice.

For now, I am just glad that Elsa is doing better and that you all continue to comment. It makes her feel a lot better.

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tapioca said...

como podem ver eu visito o blog várias vezes por dia! Dá-me a sensação de ir aí dar um beijinho e saber tudo o que se vai passando. É verdade que há enfermeiros/as e enfermeiros/as! Ainda bem que hoje é uma "das boas" para a Elsa se sentir melhor (sobretudo para não ficar irritada). A foto mostra que a recuperação está a decorrer muito bem e isso é que importa. Estamos felizes e vamos comunicando uns com os outros a dar as notícias.
Beijinhos para os 4

carlaestrela said...

I never believed in this energy / vibes type of stuff... but today I understand that the way you carry yourself, how happy you are with yourself and your life, will make a huuuuuuuuuuuuge difference for everyone around you.
As an example, look at Elsa, with her positive outook towards life and people, she manages to touch everyone and to send good things to people.
So, as a suggestion, try not to be contaminated by someone's grouchiness and remember that sometimes they're like that because they haven't seen the happy side of life. So, don't waste too much energy with them.
Hugs and hugs and abrazos,