Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Latest Maya Story

Since were are on the topic of Miss Maya, I have one of my own Queen Maya stories to share :)
On Friday of last week, while Elsa was in the hospital, Her Majesty Maya decided to NOT go to school.When I came home that day Empress Maya was the one to open the door, a great surprise to me since at the time I went to school she hadn't decided to not go yet and she comes home from school after I do.
When I expressed my surprise Madame Maya simply replied: " I took a mental health day"
"A mental health day?" I said.
"Yes, I needed one!"
"From first grade??"

And that's my Dictator Maya story.


Erin said...

I love the progression in this story: miss, queen, Her Majesty, Empress, Madame, and--finally,the truth--Dictator

tapioca said...

eh eh eh
Maya, o que precisamos é de gente determinada como tu!

Got Hope? I Do! said...

Precious Moments I call them, they are moments that bring a big smile to your face. I really love that story of Princess Maya.
My hopes is that this nausea goes away soon and the pain will probably take some time but you must be patient.
I don't know if were you are there is a Yoshinoya Resturant they have some picked ginger that would help my husband with nausea, who knows it may help you.
Even if you know of a sushi place and they serve the pink ginger that may help too.