Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hospital Fashion

I have been busy designing and making the ideal patient gown. If you are wondering why I can't just take my regular sleepwear or why I don't want to wear the hospital gown here is the reason.
(photo from surgery #7, day 3)

In my design I had to consider that I wake up from the surgery with the following:

Arterial Line
Central Line
Epidural Catheter
Foley Catheter
Heart Monitor
IV Line
NG Tube
Oxygen Pump
PCA Pump
Pneumatic Boots
Pulse Oximeter

... and the doctors and nurses need to have easy access to my body.

No wonder the "one-size-fits-none" hospital gown has been around forever and no one has tried to change it.

"Medical historians believe the current gown evolved from nightshirts patients wore in hospitals in the 1800s that were slit open in the back. Variations of the current style have been in use since at least the 1920s." If this topic interests you (hopefully it doesn't, because you have never been hospitalized), read the entire article from the WSJ here.


Kathy said...

Make sure your hubby leaves word on your blog where we can send cards or things to plant in your garden :)
After my surgery, I was also one big load of tubes. My daughter was actually frightened by it and did not want to come visit because all of them, particularly the lines hanging out of my neck, made her queasy. I guess we can just take "Doctor" or 'Nurse" off the list of potential careers for her :) I'm praying for you and may attempt to grow a rose bush in honor of my Sarcoma friends, beautiful flowers growing despite the thorns. Hang in there lady!

jessie said...

Elsie, puxa pela tua imaginação, recorre à tua experiência (eh eh) e cria o "most fashionable hospital gown ever", by Elsa 2009

Daria said...

They are designed for easy access ... but I hate the back side exposing all.

tapioca said...

Ficas sempre linda qualquer que sejam "os trapos" que ponhas por cima!
Com os pijamas novos de riscas vais ficar um perfeito top model!
Um beijo grande e um xi enorme

Je Vois La Vie en Vert said...

Também quero um !
E que tapa o nosso rabiosco quando temos que nos levantar !
E quero ver-te na passarela com este teu novo pijama !



Unknown said...

Yo me apunto a uno de tus pijamas!!!
Cuando vienes para Portugal?
Estamos esperandote linda!
Cuidate muchisssimo.

Elsa D. said...

parti a agulha da máquina de costura e perdi a concentraçao ;)

dear friends, my mom is an artist and she always made it look like sewing was the easiest thing in the world.

eh eh eh but I did not give up. Not yet. Soon I will show you my exclusive designs.