Wednesday, July 30, 2008

do you see the blue sky?

CT scan day is no longer a stressful day for me (well... maybe just a little) but I remember how scared I used be and how I was able to relax when I stared at this painting.
I have to find out the name of the artist who painted the clouds and sky at Dana L1.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today is Berrium Smoothie Day, again.

In other words it is the day that I have to drink that creamy white stuff (to make my insides glow like a radioactive lamp).
The day the CT scan nurses ask me if I want apple or berry. I don´t know why I always answer berry. The Barium Sulfate Suspension is terrible no matter what.

Meanwhile I have learned a few tricks:

Since we can´t eat anything 4 hours prior to the time we begin drinking "that stuff", it is best to schedule the appointments around noon. Like this I can have a good breakfast and then fast for four hours. For me this works best because I hate to skip my morning coffee.

The non-verbal communication that goes on in the waiting room among patients holding the contrast drinks is great. With our eyes and a few gestures we comfort each other:
I know how you feel.
yeah it is awful
good luck
Yes, you only have one bottle left...

However I still prefer to sit outside (if it is a nice day) while I try to get my Berry Smoothies down. When it is cold I find another waiting area to sit and drink.

I ask for a straw. It is easier to finish the 2 bottles with a straw.

I try to drink as much as possible, but I don´t stress if I can´t. C´mon they give two bottles to everyone. Even the big guys get two bottles, I figure that since I weigh 37Kg I don´t have to drink the same as someone who weighs 150 kg.

I wear clothes with no metal. In this way I don´t have to change into the beautiful hospital gowns.

I try to convince my friends, my husband (anyone ;-)) to try my berrium smothie
(I think Sara liked it!)