Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Today is Berrium Smoothie Day, again.

In other words it is the day that I have to drink that creamy white stuff (to make my insides glow like a radioactive lamp).
The day the CT scan nurses ask me if I want apple or berry. I don´t know why I always answer berry. The Barium Sulfate Suspension is terrible no matter what.

Meanwhile I have learned a few tricks:

Since we can´t eat anything 4 hours prior to the time we begin drinking "that stuff", it is best to schedule the appointments around noon. Like this I can have a good breakfast and then fast for four hours. For me this works best because I hate to skip my morning coffee.

The non-verbal communication that goes on in the waiting room among patients holding the contrast drinks is great. With our eyes and a few gestures we comfort each other:
I know how you feel.
yeah it is awful
good luck
Yes, you only have one bottle left...

However I still prefer to sit outside (if it is a nice day) while I try to get my Berry Smoothies down. When it is cold I find another waiting area to sit and drink.

I ask for a straw. It is easier to finish the 2 bottles with a straw.

I try to drink as much as possible, but I don´t stress if I can´t. C´mon they give two bottles to everyone. Even the big guys get two bottles, I figure that since I weigh 37Kg I don´t have to drink the same as someone who weighs 150 kg.

I wear clothes with no metal. In this way I don´t have to change into the beautiful hospital gowns.

I try to convince my friends, my husband (anyone ;-)) to try my berrium smothie
(I think Sara liked it!)


Anonymous said...

Dear Elsa,

thanks so much for sharing your experience, I am very much impressed by your strength and your humor. I am one of those who should be working to find the cures against cancer (rather than surfing the web ;-). Your blog reminds us vain people what we are actually being paid for. So, thanks for that as well. I have three kids myself and I keep all my fingers crossed for you! God bless,


Elsa D. said...

Dear Roman.

Thank you for all the hours you spend working to find the cures we hope for!
;-) thanks also for surfing the web and giving me encouragement.