Sunday, June 21, 2009

Alta. Ja para casa.

Well, Elsa will leave at 1pm. The doctors are processing her paper work.

Filipa and Maya are home waiting for Elsa. This morning I made pancakes for them and my parents, who are both home taking care of their grandkids. Maya made a picture of me and gave it to me this morning when she woke me up, because it is father's day today.

Elsa is looking like she is ready to run a marathon. I am not kidding. She has on running pants and a Leonard Cohen T-shirt, and is ready to take off.

All in all, this stay (besides the disaster of the first day) went really well. She recuperated fast and well. The nurses were (the rotten apple aside) all really nice, like they usually are.

Danka Brigham and Women's.


tapioca said...

Home sweet home no seu MELHOR!!!
Parabéns maratonista. És a MAIOR!
Favor agora não facilitar.... hein?! Descansar, comer, rir, ler, computar, para recuperar completamente.
Um beijão e um grande xi.

isabel said...


Anonymous said...

Que maravilha! Em casa!
Agora não te esqueças de fazer tudo o que os médicos recomendaram e também o que não, como por exemplo andar pelo Facebook, eheheh.
Beijocas amiga, és a Maior!