Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blogger Fuel

Just saw Elsa. She is doing very well so I came down to Au Bon Pain to re-fuel. I ordered a palmiere, French Roast coffee and a fresh fruit cup. It's what I call a balanced blogger meal.

The nurse said that Elsa was doing well, but complaining of nausea, so she was going to keep her in the recovery room until she felt better. I will go again in an hour to see how she is doing.

The anesthesiologist came by and said that the tumor was the size of a medium cantaloupe, but that it had come out easily. Elsa lost some blood but did not require a transfusion.

The anesthesiologist is Chinese and Elsa is going to the 8th floor, room 33. Wow! Right? Is there a more auspicious indicator that things will turn out well than that?
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Gotícula said...

Everything will be just fine! Love to Elsa and speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

muitos beijinhos para a Elsa


tapioca said...

o número do quarto não podia ser mais "auspicioso"!
Tudo vai correr bem.
Que as nauseas passem depressa e abrimos uma garrafa de champagne para celebrar.
Beijinhos aos dois

Anonymous said...

We are all soooo happy to hear that, we will meet in Portugal sooner than expected, ahah

Hugs to all of you, but a bigger one to the recovering girl.

Anonymous said...

This one is for Zé:
Right beside your balanced meal, is a Asus eeec, am I correct? I got the same one, blue and all - according to Mannyºs research, the best in the business! Great minds think alike!