Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mothers are not allowed to be sick

All mothers know this.

This morning, after another terrible night, I tried to convince Maya that grandma would get her ready to go to school because I needed to rest a little bit more. But, as I expected, Maya did not accept it.

"No. You have to do it. And besides, you are taking forever to get better," she said with tears in her eyes.

That was enough to force me to jump out of bed, get her in the shower, get her dressed, give her breakfast, pack her lunch and walk her to the bus stop.

When the school bus arrived, she hugged me and whispered:

"Now you can get back to bed and rest until I come back."


carlaestrela said...

Oi Elsa,
Essas tuas filhas são simplesmente I N C R I V E I S!!!
Uma vez estava em HK e estavamos naquelas filas interminaveis para passar a fronteira e eu saí com a Filipa enquanto esperava por voces. Nisso a Filipa tenta abraçar-me e eu disse-lhe, "a tua tia é muito gorda." e ela respondeu-me com toda a naturalidade do mundo, "não faz mal, és bonita na mesma" - eu acreditei!!!
desde aquela época, quando me chamam de gorda, passou a ser a minha resposta...
beijocas e muita força. Continua a recuperar-te, ja sabes, enquanto ela não estiver em casa.

Got Hope? I Do! said...

Sometimes that is exactly what mom need for a speedy recovery......our children are the medicine, energizer drink that we need. They make are adrenaline do amazing things...like jump out of bed and do all the things that you did for your little one.
Dr. Maya is using the most effective medicine out there to make you get better fast.......her love for her mom. Knowing that she sees you up is a good sign to her even thought it may be painful for you to do but it helps in so many ways.
In the long run all the jumping out of bed will be worth it to getting better.
I hope you get better sleep and rest at night....I know that the first weeks after surgery..... it's hard.
Speedy Recovery!

JV said...


Anonymous said...

Gotta love that dictator-in-training!

Anonymous said...

How can you say no to that beautiful face? :)

tapioca said...

subscrevo inteiramente o texto de Get Hope.......
Ah! GANDA MAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
beijinhos e toca a levantar da cama, eh eh eh

Jessie said...

Coisa mais fôfa! Para ela ver-te a fazer tudo é sinal que consegues e que, por isso, está tudo bem. Foi um teste e tu passaste. Bj