Friday, February 6, 2009

Maya's Cooking Show - episode 1

Fruit Salad (practice)

Dear Kara,
You were her inspiration when she was five years old. One day as we were flipping channels I found your Kara's Kitchen, so I told her you were my friend from College. With a huge smile she asked me: you know someone on TV? The next day she decided to create her "cooking" show ;)


tapioca said...

uma delícia, Maya. Mas onde é que eu planto? Não tenho quintal!
Será que posso encher a banheira de terra e plantar lá?
Beijocas da avó Tapioca

Unknown said...

Dear Maya,

I just watched your fruit salad episode of "Maya's Cooking Show", and I abolutely LOVED it! I think you have real talent in the kitchen! I especially liked the fact that it is a bi-lingual show! You will certainly reach a greater audience that way! Perhaps I can come over to join you in the kitchen some day and we can do a little cooking or baking together!! Hope to see you soon!

Happy Cooking!

Kara LaBelle (of "Kara's Kitchen")