Saturday, February 14, 2009

15th week on brivanib

I fall asleep almost immediately after I swallow, at 10pm, the four (mega) pills.
I am thirsty, especially during the night.
My mouth is dry. All the time.
I am spaced-out (ok, more spaced-out than usual).
Even favorite foods have lost all the appeal.
I write to-do lists and then I forget to look at them (Zé will say that that is my normal...)
Fatigue (this is hard to tell if it is a side effect since I no longer have a baseline, I have been feeling tired in the last years).

All these signs have been pointing to the fact that I am on the drug and not on the placebo. Yet, I was not a 100% convinced, until yesterday. If the drug company does a random selection I was bound to get the placebo. That was what I thought, based on the fact that I never win anything.

However, yesterday, when I had my vitals taken - blood pressure continues to be high, weight continues to decrease - I became certain that I am still on the drug.

Yesssssss. I am one of the lucky ones.

When I do the decisive CAT scan, in three weeks, I might have to stop Brivanib, since the tumor growth has been close to 20 percent. Still I am happy. At least the pattern where my tumors did not respond at all to the drugs has changed. Who knows, perhaps the tide has also changed.


tapioca said...

fico feliz se tu estás contente.
a "tide" está mesmo a mudar!
Quanto ao café.......... eu também sou bastante exigente. eh eh eh
um grande beijinho

Michelle said...

I gained 2 pounds! The placebo is making me fat!
I had my Pet scan today...friday results. Then I am going to chat with Dr Maki about it all.

tapioca said...

"That was what I thought, based on the fact that I never win anything."
Acho que não estás a ser totalmente correcta! Ganháste um marido espectacular, umas filhas DE MAIS, uma lista longa de amigos/irmãos que te adoram.

Elsa D. said...

estava a pensar no Casino Lisboa :-)

Pipas said...

Vai dar certo....
beijocas cheiiiias de saudades

Anonymous said...

I will start this trial in a week. I was on AMG, and ended up getting the placebo for 7 months, then I got it twice, but it didn't work, so now I am starting this. What can I expect?

Anonymous said...

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