Thursday, February 26, 2009

magic word- ShrunK

When my sarcoma friends get good news I celebrate. I am happy for them and for me. It is even better when they are on the same trial as I am.
Kathy is in Chicago and she got EXCELLENT news yesterday.

I was soooo happy.. I got up, I hugged the trial nurse and the Dr. while practically crying because I've gotten such limited good news since this whole adventure began in 2006!" more here

Card Blue also continues on the study.

We went to New York late last week for a CT scan marking my completion of the first six weeks of brivanib. The scan showed that my tumors have grown by something like 5 to 8 percent, which falls within the margins of stable disease, so I will continue on the study for at least another six weeks. more here


aubs79 said...

hi Elsa

I have wanted to contact you for some time now. My mom was diagnosed with retroperitoneal MFH/sarcoma in 2005. She had one surgery and they removed one of her kidneys. she has been battling back ever since then with chemos and trials. Her largest tumors are on her posas muscle and duodenum. I could go on and on and would love to share/hear more about our experiences and treatments, if you are willing...I am always looking for more resources.

if you would be willing to exchange e-mails, I would love love to start to communicate with you a bit. My mom is in her 2nd week of Brivanib at U of Chicago...

hope to hear from you!

Elsa D. said...

Aubree my email is
I would love to talk to you, send me you phone to my email.

Pipas said...

Que noticia boa Elsa. Yes!!!

aubs79 said...

hi Elsa
Hope you got my e-mail. I titled it "from Aubree"

the sun is shining in Michigan, hope it's shining there...

in case my e-mail didn't go through, my e-mail is