Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Super-Surgeon and my Super Medical Student

This was filmed in July 2005, and Maya was only 4 years old. For about a week she had been asking me to take her along to my next appointment at Dana-Farber.

"I have to ask your doctor a question",

she would tell me every 10 minutes for days (if you know Maya you know I am not exaggerating).

So I made sure I brought her with me to the next appointment which was with my surgeon, Monica Bertagnolli. As soon as my super-surgeon walked in the room Maya asked:

"When I grow up, can I be a doctor like you?"

I will never forget that moment. Dr. Bertagnolli left the room and came back with a brown bag filled with medical supplies. Meanwhile I realized that I had my video camera with me and started filming.


Pipas said...

e vais ser uma "Excelent and Beautiful Doctor"
Beijocas da Clarinha

CmmD said...

Oh! Maya is so cute!

tapioca said...

vou eleger-te a minha médica principal.

Anonymous said...

absolutamente adoravel.