Tuesday, January 6, 2009

blogging, brivanib and coincidences

On Friday I wanted to post from 53rd St, but for some reason I could not get to my blog (Maya, the digital native, was able to post from hers). As I tried to get to my blog I found reference to Elsa with a liposarcoma on a link to a blog called Card Blue. Oops that has to be me. Me and my silly posts. I was curious but the computer at Sloan Kettering did not allow me to access the blog.
So when I got home, I turned the computer on to get to Card Blue. But, as it often happens I was immediately distracted and went to another site, this time, the Sarcoma Alliance. I had not been there in a while and to my surprise (and honor) it now has a link to Living With a Sarcoma. Oops.. again a link to me and my silliness ;).
Aha but there it was! Underneath my blog, a link to Card Blue. With a smile I found the post mentioning my stable tumors and Michelle´s. But there were more coincidences. Card Blue was also starting Brivanib at MSKCC. And as I read older posts I realized that we had actually been in the same waiting room at the same time a couple of hours before.
Coincidences. I believe in them.
Good luck. Viva Brivanib.

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Michelle said...

Oh the Brivinab!
How are you?? I am going to give you a call. I have so many interesting things to chat with you about. I am feeling great and keeping my fingers cross as I enter the 8th week of this silly drug!