Friday, January 16, 2009

the pre-operative waiting room

Yesterday I had an appointment at the Weiner Center for Pre-op Evaluation at the BWH in Boston. Don't be alarmed I am not due for another Surgery. All I am having is a Ureteral Stent Placement next week.

Yes, I can't eat or drink after midnight, yes, I can't wear any jewelry, yes, I will have anesthesia, yes, it will be performed by a (urological) surgeon, , yes I'll have to stay in the recovery room for a couple hours, yes, I need someone to drive me home, yes... still I am not calling it a surgery instead I will refer to it as a "procedure" ;)

Despite thinking of it as a simple "procedure," I could not stop the vivid flashbacks when I stepped in the Weiner Center. I felt (particularly in my stomach) all the anxiety that I have felt while in that room. Sitting in a corner of the room where I had not sat yet did not make a difference.

Speaking of surgeries, Duduca (my older brother) who had surgery on his shoulder yesterday is already home and now planning another "Rented Mule Jump." But for a while all the jumps will have to be from his indoor bicycle trainer stand.


tapioca said...

olá, vai tudo correr bem. Como tu dizes .... não é uma cirurgia. Um beijinho muito grande e ficamos à espera de mais notícias.

Pipas said...

Vai correr tudo bem, vais ver. Afinal que dia é? pensei que seria dia 14.

Elsa D. said...

vai ser dia 21