Friday, January 30, 2009

bake sales help

interview with Dr. Demetri (Dana-Farber) extracted from article in Winter 2008
.... Another clinical trial hurdle comes in the form of funding. Because of its relatively simple genetics, sarcoma is a good model for studying other cancers, and in the past it was studied at a rate larger than the proportion of cancer patients who have sarcoma. Recently, however, the reverse has been true.

“Just when the country stands most poised to take advantage of 50 years of biomedical research, the funding for cancer research generally is decreasing in real terms, and the funding for sarcoma has been disproportionately hit,” Dr. Demetri says. Although the funding cuts are dispiriting, Dr. Demetri is encouraged by the fundraising efforts of the sarcoma community. “We are blessed with patients and caregivers who recognize that there is a lack at the federal level and are stimulating philanthropy to try to fund our field. Bake sales help,” he says. more here

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