Wednesday, April 8, 2009

por um décimo

I could not start the trial yesterday. My hemoglobin was 8.9 and for the GDC-0152 trial, the drug company wants it to be at least 9.0 on the first day of treatment (it was 9.0 when I signed the protocol). On Monday I´ll get a blood transfusion and we will decide which is the best trial, based on the results of my blood work. When I first signed the other protocol, the GDC-0941, I was not eligible because for that trial, the hemoglobin had to be at least ten.

These numbers are not realistic, don´t the drug companies know that we all run on low blood counts?


Kathy said...

ugh! I'm so sorry. I'll keep my fingers, toes and arms crossed that the transfusion is successful and you can find the drug that you have been waiting for.

Anonymous said...

Hey I guess I'm not eligible either since my hemoglobin is a 2. I think we should go out and celebrate, I promise not to fall asleep. The beet juice is on me :)

Love Zaza.

Elsa D. said...

Zaza we can have an Iron party ;)