Thursday, April 2, 2009

The inhibitor of the inhibitor of apoptosis

Forget all I told you about the PI3-Kinase inhibitor trial. Today I signed a different protocol. My next alphabet soup will have the following letters and numbers:
This drug is supposed to limit the activity of proteins found in our bodies that prevent apoptosis (programmed cell death). Soon we will see if GDC-0152, an IAP protein antagonist is the ONE that will make my tumors collapse. We hope so.
The new trial is going on at the Dana-Farber. I start on Tuesday, the 7th of April and I get to stay overnight at the Brigham Hotel ;) for observation.


tapioca said...

o nº 0152 é um número simpático e que vai trazer muita sorte.
Estamos todos com os dedos cruzados.
Sempre começas no dia 6?
Vamos fazer uma cadeia de pensamentos positivos.

Lindsay said...

Thinking only good thoughts for you, hoping those tumors collapse and die!!