Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I did a blood test yesterday and my hemoglobin is 12.4

twelve point four

no wonder I have been feeling so good (and away from the computer). I'll start my trial, one of the Genentech studies, next Wednesday.

And I also gained weight, I am 40 kilos (almost 90 pounds).


tapioca said...

parabéns, linda
está tudo a correr como se deseja.
continua a aproveitar essa tua energia longe do computador mas não nos deixes sem notícias muito tempo. Faz-me uma falta não ver as tuas postagens nas minhas visitas diárias ! ! !

Jessie said...

Parabéns Elsie, grandes progressos e excelentes notícias. Tu esforçaste-te (muita corda, muita corda, muita corda)!

isabel said...


Kathy said...

Which of the studies are you trying? Are they both phase 1?

I haven't been 90lbs since the 6th grade :-P

Anonymous said...

Que bom! Vamos comer aquelas cordonizes brevemente, ok? Beijinhos, Clara

Carolina said...

What great news! On both the hemoglobin and the weight...sending great energy your way in the hope that both numbers will continue to increase...up,up, and up.

Anonymous said...


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Elsa D. said...

Kathy I am starting GDC-0941, the PI3-kinase one. I did not write about it yet because I don't want to jinx it.

mariglass8@yahoo,co,uk said...

Great News Elsa, I send all my love and hope across the Atlantic, xxxxxx Marie G