Saturday, April 25, 2009


Has the period between treatments gone on too long? A certain amount of anxiety is beginning to seep through the wall of enthusiasm. As always, there is the hope, the expectation, that this upcoming drug will be the one to beat the tumors growing inside. So as the first day of the new treatment approaches, mood swings become more frequent and extra care is necessary to ensure that spirits remain upbeat. At this time of the year, there is the added weight of the anniversary of the first diagnosis, nine years ago, so naturally, there is added significance to all efforts to fight this unending cycle of tumor removal and re-growth. Somewhere in the pipeline of scientific discoveries lies the insight that will cap the tremendous effort to beat cancer. What will it take? When will it happen? That is the always present thought. If only there was a way to speed it up.

Alas, there is the experience of nine years battling cancer. That makes it easier to endure, not because it is any easier dealing with cancer, but because we have learned to face it better. Hope remains the insurmountable force that drives us forward.

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