Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Closing Time

It is almost closing time at the CRC. Maura (my dear research nurse) will do the last blood draw at 7h55. I'll be back tomorrow.

As Zé already mentioned, it has been a good "first day." Maura also noticed that I didn't ask for Zofran. And on the first day I ALWAYS need some anti-nausea.

For those of you who are curious, this drug "inhibits a key protein called PI3-kinase that stimulates cancer cells to grow." I have not tried anything like it so we are all curious to know if it will work on me.

My daily dose is 130 mg, 65 mg in the morning and 65 mg in the afternoon. I start it with the same hope I have had before for other trials.

As I always tell Dr. Morgan and Dr. Shapiro, one of them will work.


Erin said...

This one sounds like a winner, Elsa. I pray that it is, for you and maybe someday for Maura (my Maura, not your Maura), too. God bless you and starve those tumors.

Isabel said...

Um abraço muito apertado.
Quer dizer que não precisas de gelados?

Anonymous said...

Elsa, I will keep my fingers, and toes, and legs, and eyes (and anything else) crossed for you. Thinking of you as always!

tapioca said...

em pensamento estamos aí contigo.
Muitos beijinhos.