Monday, March 2, 2009

Boston sold out

At 10 o'clock we were ready for the public sale. Filipa (no school today due to snow storm) on her computer using internet explorer and I was on two computers, my iBook and the other computer. I was using firefox. We were ready. The - An Evening with Leonard Cohen page open. Mouse on Find Tickets. Exactly at 10:00 we pressed on where it said Find Tickets.
During the first minutes of the public sale we got some tickets, but we wanted better ones. We refused Orchestra row Y, row R, row Z..... I knew the tickets were going to be sold out within minutes but I wanted to be closer to the stage, to Leonard. At 10:10 we decided to get anything that came up if we wanted to see him in Boston at all. On Filipa's computer two tickets on 1st balcony, 1st row came up. As far as balcony goes those were the best ones. But after putting all the information, credit card number, address, morning, evening, mobile phones I got: internet explorer error. Error. Error at a critical time like this? Filipa I still don't know why you use internet explorer.
And by 10:15 all tickets were sold out.
I have a feeling that there will be a second show in Boston. I hope my feeling is correct. When I saw LC in Toronto last Summer I wished I had taken my daughters and now I am trying to get tickets to take them...

If you don't know Leonard Cohen (or if you want to understand my obsession), you can start with this blog post on NPR, and/or the recent Beacon Theatre concert.


Miguel S. said...

So funny! Filipa, trash away IE and change to FireFox or... Google Chrome ;-)

Anonymous said...

I searched and there were some decent tickets available in Waterbury, CT on May 14. Prices for comparable seats were better than Boston, too.

My girlfriend introduced me to LC, and he's now one of my favorite artists.

Good luck on your search.

Elsa D. said...

Are the famous Dave Bolduc? I think so. I have been hearing Zé (and Jonathan) talk about you for about 18 years. I can´t tell you which stories here :)
I got tickets! Just got them. LC is going to play an extra night in Boston. The presales are going on now.
Hope to meet you soon

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Good for you. I look forward to meeting you and the family next time I come up.

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