Sunday, March 8, 2009

I did not blink but it _ _ _ _ _!

It really does. I am tired of this disease. I wrote a post today but I decided not too publish it since I just wanted to insult my tumors...or cry.

I was numb on Friday and yesterday I slept all day. Today I finally reacted to the news that I am off Brivanib. I am feeling tired of these stubborn tumors that just keep coming back. It does not matter how many surgeries I have, how many treatments I do, they just come back and grow.

Yeah I am not in a good mood today. If you are on Brivanib don´t feel discouraged by my words. I never passed the two cycles mark on my other clinical trials. At least with Brivanib I lasted six cycles (18 weeks) and the growth of the tumors was retarded.


Elsa D. said...

hei nao me levem muito a sério, estou bem! beijos

tapioca said...

parte louça, grita, diz palavrões....escreve tudo que te vier à cabeça.
às vezes é preciso deitar cá para fora.
Muito em breve vais estar entusiasmada a experimentar outro tratamento. Este retardou a evolução, o próximo vai ser 100% eficaz.

CmmD said...

Don't get discourage. We will win this battle.

SG said...

oh elsa, i'm so, so sorry to read this. i had been hoping your hunch was wrong. take care

Elsa D. said...

SG, me too, especially since I don´t feel or see them yet. Tomorrow I am going to see my oncologist at Dana-Farber... good luck to you. I really hope you have good news.

Anonymous said...

Elsa desta vez durou 18 semanas para a próxima vai ser a certa ... nunca desistas de acreditar .... e lembra te que não estás sózinha nesta batalha amiga
beijinhos Matilde

PS grita ... chora ... dorme ... manda vir com todos .... mas não desistas em acreditar

Pipas said...

O próximo vai resultar... acredita.

antónio said...

Hey Elsa, we're with you!! ALWAYS!!