Thursday, March 26, 2009


The pharmaceutical companies like us to be drug free for four weeks before we start a new drug. After the initial disappointment because a drug did not work, as we hoped for, I always look at the bright side. I try to enjoy the four weeks away from the hospital and without any side effects.
On the 5th of April I will finish detoxing from BMS-582664 (Brivanib) and if I qualify I will start a drug that targets the Pi3-kinase pathway at Dana-Farber on the 6th. Hmmm, I still have a week...If I disappear until then it is because I escaped to a tropical island.
This photo was taken in 2003 in the salt mine of the island of Sal in Cabo Verde (Zé's island), where I want to be right now.

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aubs79 said...

hi Elsa
good to know there is another plan for you. my mom finds out if Brivanib is working next week...scanxiety time, gotta love it.

your photo is beautiful.

I wish i was somewhere warm too, ahhhh....St John or just the warm sun on my face.

Pipas said...

Adoro a fotografia... vou ficar com uma para mim.
Agora a par com a desintoxicação vai uma mentalização (como costumamos fazer no yôga) porque vai tudo dar certo.
Beijocas... Tb quero ir para cabo verde contigo...

Elsa D. said...

mae da Clarinha,
Vamos a Cabo Verde? É tudo o que eu quero neste momento. Gostaste da música dos Fero Gaita? Beijinhos

Hi Aubree, I hope your mom gets good news. For you, I wish warm sun on your face :)...aghhhhhhh it is also cold in New England, It is feels like January.

tapioca said...

também fiquei com a foto para mim!
Um grande beijinho.
Vai tudo correr bem.