Friday, January 23, 2009

Inconclusive News

Elsa just saw the doctor. She is going on, but since there was some growth and not reduction, she is being randomized. She may be getting the placebo or the drug for the next few weeks.

Still, it's better than getting kicked off. The rate of growth is much less than usual. Usually it is obvious that the drug does not work. In this case, because of the amorphous nature of the tumors and the fact that she cannot take IV contrast, the measurements are hard to take, so that small differences are not immediately obvious. The key is the amount of growth is NOT OBVIOUS.

So we take it the way it must be taken- positively.


Anonymous said...

Ola Elsa,
So para te dizer que estou a pensar em ti....Forca!

Beijinhos, Clara

Gabby said...

You HAVE to see my new post!

JV said...

Concordo com a conclusão: pensamento positivo. Travar o acentuado crescimento anterior é já uma importante alteração na direcção certa. Outras se seguirão. Um beijo

Pipas said...

Vai correr bem...

Anonymous said...

Parabens Elsinha.
Que este dia se repita por muitos e largos anos.Tu es a nossa forca, a nossa razao de ser e acima de tudo a nossa fonte de inspiracao.