Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trudy (and pi3-kinase) Update

Trudy did not even open her eyes when I approached. I think she has gotten used to all the attention and does not regret her choice. I bet she will be back next year to build another nest, next to the Jimmy Fund Building on Binney St. According to our calculations the eggs will hatch next week. I hope it happens on the 2nd of June when I return to DFCI. I MUST take a photo of Trudy and the poults (yes, that's how you call the young turkeys) leaving.

Next week will also be an important one for me. I will have a CT scan to find out if pi-3 kinase is working. We (Dr. Maya, Dr. Morgan and me) suspect that it is not. All indicates that the tumors have grown quite a bit. Dr. Bertagnolli, my surgeon, will also be looking at the scans... aghhhhhhh

By the way, my lips are back to normal. I skipped a few doses and then resumed taking the GDC-0941 pills. Most likely the drug did not cause the dryness and cuts since it did not happen again.


Got Hope? I Do! said...

I am glad to hear that your lips are back to normal. I am hoping that your test come back with a positive result.
You are a true warrior and you need to continue to FIGHT BACK with girl power.

Draw "extra" strength from your two beautiful children. I am thinking of you and your family and sending all my positive vibes your way.
I truly believe in thinking positive is a strong medication for the body and soul no matter what life throw's at you. Don't let set backs get you down.

I shared your story with my husband and he was amazed at your strength and courage while fighting with the sarcoma.
We applauds you for all the those trials under your belt. It's an honor to have crossed your blog through the sarcoma alliance blog.

As for my husband he has not yet started on AP23573...waiting to see tomorrow if radiation to the diaphram area the surgery area he had 5/11/2009 if it is an option he may not get to participate in the trial.

My family's blog address, in here a am The Wife http://fightingsarcoma.blogspot.com


Erin said...

Of course you can use video from my blog. Whatever you want. The graduation video is my favorite. I love for Maura's story to be told. I don't think I told you, but both of the TV stations contacted us. We never found out how they knew about it. And now, a third station wants to do a piece that is mostly linked to sarcoma awareness and the need for research. I'm very happy about this.

Kathy said...

No offense Elsa but I hope that you and the Dr.'s are wrong!
There isn't a lot of info on the internet out there about this drug but what I did find sounded promising. These tumors are such a pain!

Anonymous said...

Ola Elsa, espero que o resultado do teste seja bom. Beijinhos,Clara

P.S. Vamos comer aquela restaurante portugues brevemente, ok?