Sunday, May 3, 2009

cute minor pests

The chipmunks, Tico, Teco, Chippy and family are not back from hibernation! I complain that they eat the strawberries, cherries and sun flower sprouts but now that I don't see them I am getting worried.
Does anybody know why they disappeared? I swear that I didn't poison them. I even planted some strawberries near the stone wall where they lived.


Anonymous said...

I missssssssssss Chippy a lotttttttttt!!!!!!
She wasn't scared of ME! Shes my number 1 pet!

fylisfe said...

Aww... I miss them too :(
they were so cute, and curious, brave little rascals.
I hope they come back!

Lydia DeSouza said...

Hi, my little sister, Maura De Souza (I found your blog through her) has a sarcoma as well. I read some of your writing, your journey, looked at your photos. Your flowers inspire. =) THank you. Have you ever heard the song, "Keep Smiling at trouble" by Al Jolson? It has a bit about Violets that doze under the winter snows bravely waiting for the May...So, your flowers made me think of bravery. and maybe I should "go violet"

So thanks,