Friday, May 8, 2009

The Record

The rumor at the CRC (Clinical Research Center) is that I have the "Record". No, not the 100 Meters Record, not that one. It seems that my record is for the cancer patient (at Dana Farber) that has participated in more Phase One studies. I am now on my 11th clinical trial. Nine of them Phase One studies.

I know, it is not a record to be proud of. All it means that I have an advanced cancer for which standard therapy does not exist.

But I have been thinking that it means a lot more:

It means that I am as stubborn as my tumors.

It means that I believe in Science (so please stop sending me the absurd emails with titles such as "Beat cancer without Chemo").

It means that my heart, lungs and other organs are still strong since I am still being accepted to the studies.

It means that I did not lose my optimism.

It means that even if I have not yet benefited, Science has.

...It means that I can be proud of my eleven clinical trials and the many more still to come.


tapioca said...

and it means.............. that all your friends are PROUD of you.
a tua preseverança é um exemplo para todos nós.
"Quem espera sempre alcança" lá diz o povo.
Beijos e abraços IMEEEEEENSOS

Pipas said...

É assim mesmo. E é por isso que todos nós te adoramos.
Fico à tua espera em Julho.
Beijos enormes...

Miguel S. said...

And all that means a lot! :-)

"That Means a Lot" is a song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and released in 1965 by P. J. Proby.

Elsa D. said...

1965 ano de boa colheita <3
o vosso carinho é que "means a lot".

isabel said...

beijo e um abraço do tamanho do mundo. adoro-te

Jessie said...

És a maior, Elsie!