Tuesday, May 5, 2009

wildlife report

I have not seen Trudy, the wild turkey. But I check on her nest every time I go to the CRC at Dana-Farber. There were six eggs this morning. But I can't put the photo here since I took it with my phone camera and I don't have a clue on how to transfer it... so, to compensate, I went to my neighbors yard and took these two photos. The Canadian geese couple became very protective of their 5 little goslings when I approached with my camera.

By the way, I love this trial. I continue to have NO side effects! Like Maya says: YAY!!!!!!!!!


tapioca said...
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tapioca said...

que bom que estás a aguentar bem o tratamento. Fico feliz.
E que lindos gansos! És uma artista como fotógrafa.

isabel said...

Yay digo eu!

Kathy said...

Here's hoping it works!!