Thursday, May 28, 2009

Can you please kill this thing?

I have been "dancing" with tumors long enough to know certain things. This time I don't need a CT scan to know that one of them grew in the past weeks. My little doctor-in-training also knows. Once in a while, Dr. Maya looks at my belly, shakes her head and then mutters something.

Yesterday, she heard me mention that I have an appointment with my surgeon on Wednesday. And here at home we all know, too well, what an appointment with the surgeon means. Since I was tearful and complaining of being tired (tired of pretending that my surgeries are a piece of cake), Maya decided to write a note to Dr. Monica Bertagnolli.

From: Dr. Maya

Can you please kill this thing?
To: Dr. Monica Burtanolie


Daria said...

What a sweet sweet drawing and message ...

Pipas said...

E vai conseguir Maya..
Beijo enorme

tapioca said...

Maya, vais ver que a tua mãe vai ficar boa sem esses monstrinhos. A Dra. Mónica vai cuidar muito bem dela.
Muitos beijinhos