Saturday, November 22, 2008


Our smiles reflect what was going through our hearts. If you read the comments you will see that we only met last week, through our blogs. I found Michelle´s blog when I searched Brivanib (on google blogs). So, as you can imagine, we were excited to meet in person. On top of all, we have Doctor´s visits on the same day, same team at MSKCC.

If you have a sarcoma you know that it is not often that you bump into other sarcoma patients (sarcomas are one percent of the adult cancers and there are over 50 types). Even for those of us who are lucky to be treated in a sarcoma center it does not happen that often. First of all because we do not go around the waiting room asking: what do you have? what drug are you on? Also our doctors and nurses don't tell us: see that other patient over there, he has the same thing as you. There is something called patient privacy.

Anyways, there was more than one reason for Michelle and I to be smiling. We were smiling not only because we liked each other immediately and because we really know how the other one feels. We were smiling because when Michelle was driving to MSKCC, something wonderful happened. She had a terrible pain and horrible nose bleed. Yes, in our world we celebrate these things ;). Michelle's sarcoma tumors are located on her brain. What happened yesterday COULD mean that the drug is working and one of the tumors COLLAPSED. Read more about yesterday in Michelle´s blog.


Gotícula said...

Força querida amiga!!! Sê feliz cada dia e acredita naquilo que queres. Estamos torcendo por ti. Bjs

tapioca said...

que bom! E que bem me soube ver o teu sorriso!
Que tudo corra bem para ti e para a tua nova amiga.

Anonymous said...

É isso mesmo Elsa. O que vos une é algo que só vocês conhecem. Mas também é algo muito forte. Portanto continua com essa força que tem sido uma característica tua ao longo destes anos todos.
Um beijo

Anonymous said...

nice, very nice.