Sunday, November 9, 2008

life without black pepper

When the nurse told me that I could not have any black pepper while on this study I did not imagine that it was going to be quite a challenge.

Can you tell me if this Shrimp and Spinach Salad has black pepper?
I can ask the cook to do it without the black pepper.


(food comes) It has no black pepper, right?
Yeah. The cook told me he did not put any pepper.

(shrimp is covered with black powder, still I put one in my mouth)
Arghhh pepper. And it tastes like black pepper.
Zé Try one.
Oh yes. This has a lot of pepper.
(waitress comes)
I asked you for no black pepper. I can´t have any, not because I don´t like it, it is for health reasons. Not even a little. And this dish is loaded. Maybe the cook heard extra pepper...
(Waitress takes back my plate back and then returns with a plate of boiled shrimp on top of Spinach). Sorry there was some miscommunication...
It's all right.
(Waitress leaves and I try one shrimp)

Arghhh now it is tasteless.
No wonder Vasco da Gama did not rest until he reached Calicut.

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Pipas said...

ahahah.. e eu que pensei que isso acontecia só aqui em portugal.