Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I wish I had a "Shapirogram" to explain how this antiangiogenic drug works. But since I don't, I am going to tell you how I remember it explained to me when I was on a similar drug, XL880.
Cancer cells in a tumor need blood to supply it with oxygen and nutrients to grow. The idea is to starve the tumor by blocking blood vessel formation. Imagine a war won by attacking the trucks that carry the food supplies for the enemy troops (here I go again with the military metaphors).
Starve the tumor. Just imagine...
OK I am getting off the computer. I have to take my 4 pills and I still want to plant 100 tulips today. More on Antiangiogenesis here.
(Filipa took this photo inspired by Dr. Eder's photo, the one he is holding the Avastin box. By the way, my fingers are red because I was cutting beets).


Unknown said...

Great picture!!!!!!!!! Keep the faith.


Michelle said...

I got your comment that you left on my blog. Yes, I am doing the same trial at Mskk too. Dr. Maki is my Sarcoma guy. Where are your sarcoma's. I have a million questions to ask you.
My emial is mspaternoster@aol.com
Please email me

Elsa D. said...

My "lovely" tumors are behind my stomach and pelvic area. Please ask all the questions you want. OK I´ll email you, I also have so many questions.

How are you feeling? Hope the chemo is not to bad.

A big hug