Friday, October 24, 2008

I just voted

I have been so busy trying to arrange everything in order to start my next trial in peace that I forgot that I would be away from my home state on Election Day. It was only when I heard that November 4th was probably my first day of R7112 that I panicked. I thought that it was too late for an absentee ballot.

Still, I decided to call the Elections Commission in my town. It turned out that casting an absentee ballot is a lot easier and faster than I thought.

The whole process took me 15 minutes. I drove to the Town Hall. I filled out an application for an absentee ballot. The clerk gave me an absentee ballot. I voted. I gave the sealed envelope back to the clerk. I Drove back home.

I didn't even use the "cancer card."


fylisfe said...

You're a Warrior of the toughest kind!!! <3 YOU!!

Fran Dias said...


Elsa D. said...

look at the list of candidates on the Massachusetts ballot:

BALDWIN and CASTLE, Constitution
BARR and ROOT, Libertarian
McCAIN and PALIN, Republican
McKINNEY and CLEMENTE, Green-Rainbow
NADER and GONZALEZ, Independent
OBAMA and BIDEN, Democratic