Friday, February 12, 2010

One more cycle coming up

Elsa is upset about the results today. It seems the tumors are beginning to increase, although it is hard to tell, because they are hard to read. The radiologist read the scan and classified the situation as stable, but there are some readings showing the tumors to be bigger and some where the tumors are smaller. It's a mess.

In any case, she is going on with the treatment. She starts the next cycle on Sunday.

OK. She is not upset anymore. She was just mad because I did not give her a hug or say anything. But I'm going to do that now, so I think that will fix things.

Ok. She is smiling again.

It's just frustrating to try so hard and still have so much uncertainty. It's a tough disease, that's for sure.

Now we are waiting for the drugs for the next cycle. We are going to Pret-a-Manger to have a treat before picking up the medication and heading home in that most "wonderful" Connecticut traffic. I can just imagine it.

Oh! But I got the Fast Lane/EZ Pass device now, so we do not have to wait to pay tolls.


Erin said...

Have I told you recently how great I think you are?

tapioca said...

Força, Elsinha. TU ÉS A MAIOR!
You are the "special one"!

Je Vois La Vie en Vert said...

Só imagino a Elsa a sorrir...
Força, querida !



CmmD said...

Like Erin, i also think you are great!

Daria said...

It`s a very tough disease ... sending strength and courage.

Miguel S. said...

Go Tiger, Go! :-)