Friday, February 12, 2010

At the waiting lobby

Stepping out of the elevator means 45 minutes to drink the Barium Smoothie. It does not go smoothly though. It is a 45 minute torture. This time they only have banana flavored smoothie. My least prefered flavor. That adds extra time to the 45 minutes. If Einstein had had cancer he would have realized that Ct scan waiting time is part of his warpped space-time continuum.

A lady, obviously altered by Decadron rails against her child for doing childish things. I know it is the decadron, only too well, for it easly sets off a little monster in me. From normal easy going, I turn into a tight bundle of irritable energy. The lady has not learned to deal with Decadron or perhaps she just doesn't know its effects yet. So the kid now sits sad and morose on the couch. he is just six or seven years old.


tapioca said...

um conselho: leva o computador portátil para a sala de espera e insulta todos os teus amigos para libertares esse monstro.....
Beijinhos minha querida, estamos contigo.

Daria said...

When I was Decadron I wanted to hide under a rock ... I was so miserable.