Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blame it on Decadron

Now, I am more awake than it is desirable. My eyes are wide open and I have difficulty closing them at night. Decadron, is the culprit. I am taking it in combination with Lorazepan and Kytril to fight the nausea and vomiting caused by the trial drug.

Decadron (Dexamethasone), a corticosteroid drug, is also responsible for my mood swings. I have noticed that when I am on these pills I am easily irritable. I snap (I SCREAM) for no reason (it happened this morning with Maya, sorry baby!) and I have no patience for anything.

In any case, I am taking a low dose of Decadron. We should survive... but I am warning you ;)

I am on day five of cycle two of R7112 and I must say that this cycle is going a thousand times better than cycle one. Well... it had a great start.

My friend Rui flew from Canada to NYC, just to take me to my visits at Sloan-Kettering and see how well I behave during the blood draws!
Sometimes all we need is someone who reminds us of who we were a long long time ago. Obrigada Rui!


Daria said...

I can so relate to the steroid side effects ... lack of sleep and moodiness.

I feel for you ...

Unknown said...

You are still the same person I met 33 years ago.

R Pereira ;-)

tapioca said...

com essa boa "mood" é mais seguro estar à distância..................
Mesmo mal humorada continuas a ser uma QUERIDA.
Beijinhos e que esse mal estar passe depressa

JV said...

Bad mood? What bad mood? I didn't notice anything different

Unknown said...

Oi Elsa!
O que eu acho mesmo é que não há qualquer medicamento que te consiga abater!
Continuas sempre com um óptimo aspecto miúda, como sempre!...
Fico contente por voltares a "teclar".
Um beijinho grande de mais uma amiga para te lembrar os velhos tempos! E a Elsa de sempre! Sim, porque tu não mudaste nadinha de nada..
Ana Cristina

Pipas said...

Podes sempre pegar no telefone e gritar comigo!!! Ou pelo Facebook.. assim descarregas! :-)
Adorei as fotografias de NY. Pena não estar aí tb.