Monday, September 7, 2009

The port will go

It's Monday afternoon, Labor Day. After three days in hospital, the doctors decided that it was time Elsa's port (catéter) was removed. It was in for five years, which by all accounts is a very long time for a port to be in without any issues. So it is not surprising that the port is coming out. Dr. D'Amato tried to obliterate the offending bacteria with anti-biotics, but blood cultures were still coming out positive so now it's coming out and hopefully Elsa will go home soon.

Elsa requested that I take pictures of her port, so she will post them later, perhaps with before and after pictures. Maya will be happy, since she hated the port.

Now that there is an end in sight to Elsa's stay at MSKCC, we are both more relaxed. It was a bad time for this thing to happen, Labor Day weekend, having to be away from Filipa and Maya, but Michelle came by yesterday and that got Elsa's spirits up, not to mention the many compliments she received due to the blue robe Michelle got for her. Elsa was also very excited to learn that there is no sign of sarcoma in Michelle, which made her very happy.

So now we are waiting for the surgeon to remove the infected port. I think though, she is feeling some separation anxiety so I'm going to comfort her.

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