Friday, September 11, 2009

Me on the other side

It's not that I was happier, more loved, or a better person before. Quite the contrary. But sometimes I miss my old self. The me that stayed on the other side. I often find myself wanting to rewind the tape and stop it on the morning of the 27th of April, 2000.

This intense desire to rewind the tape just happened. I was getting out of the shower and I got a glimpse of the other half of me, the one that existed before sarcoma. Could my other half be coming back?

Maybe it's just my imagination: because my port was taken out; I got two units of blood, and I gained some weight during my stay at the Manhattan hotel ;)- I mean at Memorial Sloan-Kettering.

... or maybe I am just getting another overdose of Murakami ;).

When I went to New York last Friday, I was planning to come back on the same day. However, since the train ride from Providence to Penn Station is long, over three and a half hours each way, I grabbed two books before I left the house - Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami and Viruses, Plagues & History by Michael Oldstone. I am glad I did. Considering the nature of my hospitalization (a sticky bacteria called Enterobacter Cloace), you might guess why one of the books was not touched.

Here are some photos of my famous blue robe and my Michelle.
We could not stop smiling. Yes, I was hospitalized but we both got Fantastic news from the scans we did on Friday. Michelle had two surgeries this summer and now has NO signs of her spindle cell sarcoma and my liposarcomas are shrinking.
On the 15th floor of MSKCC there is wonderful terrace (any terrace inside a hospital is a wonderful thing). We got some sun before going to the Recreation room to make some dreamcatchers.

Michelle send me a photo of your dreamcatcher! I still have to finish mine!
Hugs to everyone from
Me on this side


Kathleen said...

Oh Elsa..."You've come a long way Baby." I'm so glad you're home and out of that hospital. Keep positive. As you always do. You're in my thoughts. Happy thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Oh what wonderful news.
It really looks and sounds like a 5 ***** hotel, but I bet you're glad to be out of there.
Seems like our annual pilgrimage to Syracuse is still standing after all! Can't wait.

CmmD said...

Thank you Michelle for visiting my sister Elsa. You brought her big smiles!

Gotícula said...

Your oldself was hidden as part of you were too focused on fighting the sarcoma, too busy and scared to look at yourself. Now seems like you´re really believing and winning, keep it up Elsa, whatever happens in life happens for a reason. God gave you the brightest smile that can beat all odds, keep smiling and believing and make this a breakthrough. Acredita e faz acontecer!!! Beijos

CLARA'S BLOG said...

Ola Elsa! Agora posso visitar-te! Que bom! Manda-me dizer quando estas desposta para uma visita. Clara

Michelle said...

I am taking a picture now of my beautiful dream catcher. You have to finish yours! I may take a trip to the 15th floor just to play pool and do crafts!

Erin said...

Such beautiful pictures of two beautiful women!!

Lindsay said...

Elsa you look great!! I went to MSKCC for a second opinion and was very impressed with how nice it was. So glad you are doing better!!


Got Hope? I Do! said...

It's wonderful to see your smile...your looking good and you will get even better at home.

Time to put on those red shoes and go enjoy a concert or two.

tapioca said...

Michelle, a big kiss for you!
Elsa, vais voltar a ser a Elsa bc, a Elsa que eu conheci e que para mim é sempre a mesma. Já venceste esta batalha. Os vossos sorrisos (os + bonitos que já vi) são prova disso.
Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuitos beijos

Je Vois La Vie en Vert said...

Estou muito feliz por entrar aqui depois de uma estadia de 10 dias na Bélgica e ler estas notícias excelentes !

Muitos beijinhos da


Jessie said...

Oh Elsie, que notícia maravilhosa, que bom! Bjs