Tuesday, August 25, 2009

hospital bed

When you live in the Kingdom of the Sick you learn not to make too many plans.... but after spending a week in NYC because of daily blood draws and EKG's, I was planning. All I wanted was a full week away from hospitals.... I was thinking of spending the last days of August near a Rhode Island beach..


here I am in a room at Sturdy, my local hospital. It is nothing serious. Yesterday, I developed a fever. It was just 101ºF but enough to make me run to the closest emergency room. That's how it is in our Kingdom, an insignificant fever is never insignificant. I was hospitalized yesterday and will only be released when the fever disappears. I better pretend that this hospital bed is a beach bed.


Anonymous said...

Oh crap.
Sorry to hear that, I've been meaning to call you forever.
Get better very soon, you have a walk to do, don't you forget it!
Love, love love

CLARA'S BLOG said...

Elsa, espero que essa febre va-se embora muito depressa. Beijinhos, Clara

Anonymous said...

Querida Elsa

Melhoras ... fica boa depressa .... depressa ... depressa



Anonymous said...

Vais ver que a febre só veio para te fazer uma mini visita : )

Logo logo já estarás na praia de RI.



Unknown said...

Querida Elsa:
Lendo tudo o que está para trás, sobre a eficácia deste tratamento noutros pacientes e sobre a forte aposta que os médicos estão a fazer em ti, percebo que essa febre não é mais do que uma barreira! A meta e a vitória já estão à vista!
Vais ver que a febre passa rápido.
Beijos gordos.

Kathy said...

Feel better my friend.

Elsa D. said...

I am home. The fever is gone... hugs

tapioca said...

que bom que já estás em casa!
Um graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaande beijo e um xi-coração

Got Hope? I Do! said...

I am very glad your home......a true fighter. Now its time to continue to eat and recoup the lost weight.
Hope you continue to feel better.
Take care

Unknown said...

Fico contente com a notícia de já estares em casa.
Desejos de melhoras rápidas.
A propósito, a IADE lá atrás era eu. Foi por engano.
Beijocas enormes.
Ana Trindade

Unknown said...

pretty good youre well. now get exausted on your planning.
I love not planning cause thats all i do in the office
3 cheers for your weekend

Michelle said...

Want me to throw some sand around you and blow up a beach ball? I am in the same boat sister! Surgery went great...but I have had a wicked cold since tuesday. I have a scan on wednesday in the city..will you be around. I will call your cell.