Thursday, August 6, 2009

So, as I told you last week I made it to this restrictive clinical trial. I was on the waiting list for quite sometime but I am glad I am entering it now that the dose is higher.
The drug is oral and I just swallowed five pills. Not too bad since the pills are smaller than most of the oral (study) drugs I have taken.
The doctor told me that this is the best trial to be on if you have a liposarcoma. Let´s hope I am on it for a long long time.


CmmD said...

We are keeping our fingers cross in this side of New York for you.
Sofia, Carla e Peter

Unknown said...

Oi Elsa.
Vais ver que é desta!
É agora que te vais livrar desse malvado!
Tens muita gente a pensar positivo por ti e só pode dar certo.
Beijinhos gordos
Ana Trindade

tapioca said...

a tua "torcida" portuguesa é maior do que a do Real Madrid........ e muito mais poderosa!
Aposto o que quizeres como desta É DE VEZ.

Kathy said...

Is this the Nutlin trial? It sounds very promising for Liposarcoma. I am praying that it works for you!

Got Hope? I Do! said...

All positive vibes your way, my friend with this new trail.
With all these studies they are doing they are getting closer to a break through and I have hope that this may be the one for you.
We are all rooting for you in California!
We are all for kicking some cancer butt.

Fontes said...

a long long LONG time!!!
ps It is really gabby

Pipas said...

E vais mesmo...
grande beijo