Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What a day.

Left home at 6:50 am this morning for Dana-Farber and will not leave Dana-Farber before 8:30 pm. Loooong day.

But Suzzane came by to visit and Elsa had about five meals, so it was worth it. She will be getting the "patient who would not leave" award today.

One of the highlights of the day was Elsa meeting Dr. Demetri who oversees the research that she has participated in over the last years. He knew her right away.


I Lobo said...

Thumbs up for you! Keep smiling :)
Hugs & Kisses 4 U

Briannas Cause said...

Great positive attitude. Thanks for sharing your journey!

Kathy said...

WOOHOOO!!! I hope continue to get positive results from you CT's!!!!

Je Vois La Vie en Vert said...

Um beijinho muito especial de parabéns hoje, querida Elsa !
Espero que passes um dia de anos muito agradável com todos os que te são queridos ! Espero que não convidaste o sr. Sarcoma ! Manda este indivíduo embora, dá-lhe um pontapé no rabinho e põe-no fora da tua casa !

Erin said...

Estou com saudades de vc.

Michelle said...

You are always on my mind.

I really hope that you are feeling good.

Lot's of hugs on this day....Valentines Day!!

Ever here of RIDAFOROLIMUS???

Jennifer said...

Is it possible that someone can give us an Elsa update? I followed her story for a long time and stop by here every few days, hoping there's been an update. I still hope and pray for her often.

Anonymous said...

@ Jennifer: check Elsa's page on Facebook.
We are all sad with her departure...

Anabela De Pablos said...

I hope this blog won't disappear.
Like Elsa said:
"In case a net-surfer with a sarcoma, particularly a retroperitoneal liposarcoma, finds me, I hope that he/she doesn't feel so alone. And knows that, no matter what, everything will be alright."
Will always miss you Elsa. Rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

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