Monday, November 1, 2010

Hi all.

Sorry I have not been around much. Thanks for all the comments, messages and visits. I have been dealing with a lot of pain and have not found a medication that deals with it well. I either am in pain and awake, or else not in pain, but groggy and tired. I am thinking of all of you though. Hopefully, I will soon be able to get back to regular blogging. I am starting a chemo treatment tomorrow to see if it helps reduce the size of the tumor that I have on my back, which is causing me all the pain and discomfort. I will let you all know how it goes. Meanwhile my best to you all, and vote tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Que tudo te corra para o melhor, Beijinhos
António Moura

Unknown said...


I am so glad you posted again. Keep fighting Elsa! We are in this together.


Unknown said...

ola elsinha. eis-me de novo todo esperançoso que saias deste ciclo com o teu lindo sorriso na cara.


Unknown said...

estive a ver o filme da maya wants to be a doctor. q delicia!
(the most beautiful yes)

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