Friday, September 3, 2010


It Is a Wonderful Life. It really is. And I am not just saying it because I signed the discharge papers five minutes ago. ;) The WBC (White Blood Counts) are back to normal and I have been kicked out of B&W 16A. YAY!!!! Now I am just waiting for Ze to pick me up. This recovery has been long and bumpy but it looks like I am on the right track. At least, after feeling miserable for months, I am feeling like my old self.


Maria Paula Monteiro said...

You are absolutely amazing, DEAR ELSA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!! Cool!! Loved the great news you just gave us!!
We miss Filipa terribly. I know this is your post but there's something everyone who reads this blog needs to know: Filipa is simply AMAZING!!! She is very strong, very calm and very persistent and I was extremely proud of her when she climbed the volcano. So I'm happy you're going home so you can all enjoy each other's company.
Hope you recover soon.
Take care and hugs and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Regozijamos com o regesso da Elsa a casa.Desejamos a continuação de melhoras e muita força.Deem noticias. Beijos Zilda,Celso e Kiki

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news Elsa.
I just wanted to tell you that Janet said today that she loves you very, very much. She thinks of you and you have a big place in her heart. She asked me to tell you this.
It sounds like you are well on the road to recovery now so this is excellent news.
We are all very pleased to hear this.
Love, Fliss. XX

Anonymous said...

Querida Elsa

Que boa noticia ...... estou tão contente por ti minha lutadora ... fica boa depressa e ainda combinamos um jantar em China Town um dia destes eheheh

beijinhos a todos em casa


carla brigham said...

Eu acho que o que tinhas eram sudaditas da Filipa!!! ela acaba de chegar e ficas boa!!! Que boas noticias amiga! it was great to have Filipa w/ I am waiting for you and Mayam!!

love Carla

WALTER said...

Minha querida!!! Que notícia exraordinária.

Só falta vir ao Brasil passear.


tapioca said...

estamos felizes!

Jessie said...

Que boas notícias Elsie, até que enfim te sentes melhor! Beijo grande grande

Kathy said...

I hope so. I miss your postings.
I say the mantra for 2011 shall be NO MORE SURGERIES as you will find that chemo that will kill those tumors. You deserve that.

Unknown said...

Allô Elsa:
Que boas notícias!
Fico feliz por ver que já voltaste a escrever e que estás tão bem disposta.
Um beijinho enorme cá deste cantinho em Portugal

Erin said...

OOOOOIII, Elsa. Glad you are home and feeling like yourself.

Anonymous said...

Mas que notícia fabulástica!!!
Elsa fico super feliz em saber que te sentes melhor :)
Agora já te posso mandar um Chi cheong van e dar-te mais colo

Erin said...

Queridissima Elsa,
Miss you! Please let me/us know how you are.


Cairito said...

Dear Elsa, I hope you are happy, and recovering at home!
I miss to read you, I miss the fountain of hope that you become to me!

Anonymous said...

HI Elsa, How are you? Thinking of you every day and praying that the pain you are in, will leave our body and your body will be tumor free from now on so you can get better. Janet sends her love and also thinks of you each day, we both have an orange ribbon pinned to the kitchen curtain which reminds us to pray for you. It is above the kitchen sink, so as mothers and housewives we see this ribbon often. Take care my dearest cousin, Love fliss and Janet.

Pipas said...

Que boommm.......
Cheia de saudades
Grande beijinho

Anonymous said...

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