Monday, August 2, 2010

going home?

This morning I woke up feeling like myself again, so I took these photos.

My stay at Brigham and Women's Spa, I mean, Hospital, has been longer than usual because I was (am?) undernourished and weighing 34 kilos (77 pounds)...

But something is telling me that I am leaving today!

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Anonymous said...

Boa Elsa :)
Gostei do teu sorriso, beijinhos grandes :)

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed.
Keep us posted.
You don´t need Zé anymore, eheheh

Elisabete Martins said...

Hope, this is the last one. You are a great woman, my dear!
All my love,
Betty & Co.

Duduca said...

que bom! ja vens para casa

pura eu said...

És uma vencedora. Beijos muitos.

tapioca said...

beijos, beijos e mais beijos para a minha super filha-adoptiva!
Agora em casa ... toca a comer coisinhas boas!

Anonymous said...

Dear Elsa,
Yay, I read you are going home. Wonderful news!! Wishing you a great recovery as you get better with your loved ones. I was speaking to Janet at the weekend who sends all her positive vibes and huge love just for you. Thinking of you lots and lots.
LOve and best wishes, Fliss, Janet, Chris, and Peter.

Anonymous said...

Bom te ver Elsa
Beijinhos e Abraços
Moura, Teresa Paula e Catarina

Pipas said...

e tinhas razão :-) Um grande beijinho

Michelle said...

You may be super skinny...but you look great.
Just had another aweful surgery on Friday. Not feeling to good., the anesteshia really hit me hard this time. My head is about to explode!
I'm hopeful, just very tired.
Thinking of you all the time. I went out to 15 and got some fresh air with Paul. They were closing last night so I didn't get to make anything. Still have my dream catcher right next to my bed.
Love you a ton.