Thursday, August 26, 2010

Elsa back in Hospital, Filipa climbs Volcano

Elsa is back at Brigham and Women's. She has been fighting an infection and finally she was told to go to the hospital yesterday, because the infection was not going away. Just a minor set back that will soon be overcome. She had been suffering through pain and fevers, so it is good that she is back where they can take care of her and set her back on track towards recovering.

The emergency room was quite a happening place last night. There was a woman who was in bad shape, but had a great attitude. She adopted a dog from Puerto Rico. There was a man (see my drawing) whose ear was bitten by his dog. He had the piece that was bitten off on ice for the doctors to sew it back on. The dog is supposedely the most wonderful pet (according to him), which leaves me wondering what he did to make the dog bite him.

Meanwhile, I just spoke to Filipa. She was at the top of Fogo's Volcano.
Her and my sister Kiki left early this morning, 5:30 am their time, to Chã das Cladeiras and climbed the volcano. They are still at the top. The journey up and down takes 4 to 5 hours. I am so very glad she did this, as it will be a memory not to be forgotten.


CmmD said...

Elsa, we are rooting for you, and we are with you. Sofia and us, will be there soon to see you. Last night at the Sierra camp, they were singing 'halelua' by Leonard Cohen, and the song made me miss you terribly. Sorry that have not called, there is no phone connection. <3 u

Anonymous said...

Oh darn it, that's why I called and nobody answered. Like you say, you are in the right place to take care of that. Extra-speedy recovery, and pls keep us updated, because we want to stay connected.
All the love,
P.S. I am sooo jealous of Filipa, what a great vacation.

Flashflache Photo Blog said...

Everything anonymous Rita said except for the call.
Kisses and big hug

Anonymous said...

Hey Elsa, torcendo por voce. Rapidinho estaras em casa. Ligo quando voltar da minha viagem. Beijos e votos de rapidas melhoras.


Anonymous said...

Oi querida, estamos torcendo para que voce se recupere logo. Estamos com saudades. Vai passar rapidinho. A nossa viagem ainda esta de pe!!

Mil beijos
Concetta e Mario

Anonymous said...

Força Elsa e vais ver que o bichinho da infecção não chega para ti : )
Beijinhos e um colinho daqueles em Macau ou um dia ainda aí vou

Anonymous said...

De aqui uma das "vulcanicas". Um beijo e força pra Elsa. Que recupere logo.
Um beijo,

Got Hope?I DO! said...

So sorry to hear that you are in the hospital Elsa. But you know that you are better to be there to get this infection checked out. Positive vibes your way my friend for a speedy recovery....

Anonymous said...

Oi Elsa. Espero que esteja correndo tudo bem. Torcendo e orando por voce.
Mil beijos

WALTER said...

Manoela acabou de chegar ao Brasil e me informou dos detalhes. Continuo orando para que ela se recupere logo, volte pra casa, e quem sabe venha passear no Rio de Janeiro.

tapioca said...

só hoje abri e espero que já esteja bem melhor do que quando o Zé fez esta publicação. Muitos beijinhos e votos de rápidas melhoras. Beijo também para a "alpinista" Pipinha e para a Dra Maya