Friday, July 23, 2010

Morning 7/23

I got in at 7 this morning. Elsa is doing well. She has the usual drainage tubes but is feeling well. She complains of some tingling now and then, but seems to tolerate the lack of narcotics well enough. They are giving her some sort of strong Tylenol instead of narcotics, because narcotics always make her feel miserable. She also has an epidural to help with the pain. The morning nurse came in and asked her some questions about vaccines she has taken and other medications and Elsa answered them correctly and the nurse had to double check her records. Pretty sharp. I do not think I would have remembered if it had been me. Now she is going to bring this up every time we argue about some detail about what happened in the past. I always contend that I am right and she is the one who forgets, but now I am not so sure. The other day we were debating details from when Maya was born and she remembered things in chronological order, better than I did.

Elsa is mostly still sleeping, which is good. She needs the rest. I gave her a foot massage to relax her and she fell asleep. She alwyas wants to go home as soon as possible, but this time the doctor said that she needs to take it easy. She needs to be able to eat without complications before she goes home. She came in with the weight that she usually goes home with after not eating for a week, so she cannot afford to lose any.


Walter said...

Good morning, Elsa! Good morning, Zé! Good morning, girls!

Anonymous said...

Rise and shine!!
Have a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat day everyone and big hug for Elsa and her guest blogger.

Pipas said...

Que bom Zé. Um grande beijinho para os dois.

Maya said...

Hi daddy, You have some fixes to do. you spelled because wrong and a couple of other things. I am probably the only one that notices. I miss you. Tell mommy I said hi. Call us. Have you spoke to Filipa yet?

Anonymous said...

OI Ze, um bom dia para voces e um beijao a Elsa e votos de uma recuperacao rapida, sei que ela nao gosta de estar no hospital.


Anonymous said...

Olá Zé

Um beijinhos muito grande para cada um .... diz a Elsa k já falta pouco para ela voltar para casa ..... o pior já passou

beijinhos Matilde

Ana Isabel Dias said...

Elsinha!!!!, Zé!!!
Tive mesmo k vir ao blog para ter notícias. Liguei duas vezes mas só atendeu o gravador do Zé.
Estou mais tranquila. Elsa agora tens de te praparar para muita cachupa e cachupinha !!!!
Beijinhos grandes
miss u

tapioca said...

Zé, tu és o maior QUERIDO do mundo!
Um beijo e um abraço apertado para a Elsinha e para ti. Fizeste-me chorar!
Só a Maya para detectar os erros de ortografia... Bravo Maya!
Beijinho Filipa e aproveita bem essa praia maravilhosa (e o miminho dos avós...)