Friday, June 11, 2010


Meaning of Ubuntu explained by Nelson Mandela:
and in the film Country of My Skull:
Ubuntu para todos nós. Reportagem da Globo:
Dear friends, Ubuntu to all of us, as the World Cup is about to start. I am a lot better with a little help from two volunteer blood donors. Yesterday I received 2 units and today I am ready for the games. Now, if I disappear it will be due to World Cup. ;)


tapioca said...

Ubuntu p'ra ti também (sem vuvuzela)
Agora com o teu depósito atestado..... já estás preparada para os jogos!
Vamos lá a torcer pela nossa selecção!
Como estão os meus "meninos"

revmolly said...

Elsa, I have just found your blog, thanks to Kerry at Dana Farber 1 infusion. She is an angel.

I'm so glad I found your story here. I was diagnosed 5 weeks ago--asympomatic, caught my primary lung tumor Ewing's (localized, no metastasis) totally by accident, age 39, 2 beautiful kids.

I'm going to savor your blog, and keep you in my prayers. What a long road you've had. You seem like a bright spirit.

my blog, if you want to check it out ever, is:

Erin said...

Elsa, I've missed you! I hope you are feeling better.
Ah,the Copa. I'm so excited!! So, these are the teams I am rooting for, in this order: USA (I can dream, can't I?), Brazil (duh), Mexico (our good neighbor), England (for my son-in-law).
These are the national teams I want to see LOSE (even though I love the countries and the people...I just don't want them to win the World Cup): Italy (I still remember that horrible penalty call against Australia), Germany (big brutes), Argentina (just because), and France (Henry's hand ball ruined Ireland's chance to get to the Copa).
What about you?