Friday, December 4, 2009

Back from Outer Space

Round four (of R7112) ended Tuesday night and I am feeling better. On this last cycle I decided (with permission from Hoffamn-La Roche) to take the drug at night, hopping that I would "sleep-off" the side effects. I am not sure if the change in schedule worked. Maybe. I felt less tired this time and so I was a little bit more active...

What did work was Uni (Japanese word for sea-urchin/ouriço-do-mar) Sushi,


and Zé´s infinite patience with me when my appetite is reduced to zero and my taste buds messed up.


tapioca said...

desta vez o meu voto vai para o super-Zé. Nomeio-o "marido de ouro".
Muitos beijinhos para todos e que o enjoo passe rápido e venha um apetite imenso e disposição para muita actividade.

Michelle said...

Mmmm sushi.
How are you feeling? Getting easier?
Maki wants me to wait to do the drug ( the trial your doing. You are being a guinea pig for all of us. Thank you. Your strength with this frug may help stabalize me & many other.
Love & miss you.
I will be at Mskcc in Jan. Let's try to meet...I can come to mass.

carla brigham said...

YOU ARE MY HERO. I miss you... and I am waiting for you Praia.
Carla Brigham

isabel said...